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Skid Marks on First Avenue – June 30 3013

Attached you will find photos of a skid mark that was made on the First Avenue Bridge just north of Laurel Street this weekend. I heard this five second skid from my house which is located over a quarter of a mile away. As the skid was not followed by the thud that accompanies an accident I did not investigate further at the time.
This afternoon while on my way to photograph another accident on First Avenue, this time at Redwood Street, I came across and then measured the skid. It measures ninety feet. I am aware that this is several blocks north of the First and Juniper location you are surveying for a stop sign but I send it to you as further proof of the excessive speed vehicles travel on First Avenue. I’m wondering how fast a vehicle must be traveling to produce a 90 foot skid mark? I’m guessing it is well above the posted 25MPH speed limit.
Submitted by: Ben Baltic