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Parking Budget Ideas are Coming In – Add Yours


We have receive a wonderful number of ideas to implement in the next parking/traffic budget for Bankers Hill

Listed below is a current summary.  Use the Comment Form below that to add your ideas to the list.

We will post here – the final list that will be submitted for the 2012 Budget.   Thank you all for your concern and help!

Bankers Hill Project Ideas received for the 2012-2013 budget submittal:

  • Place Stop sign on Fifth Avenue either at Ivy or Juniper Streets to slow speeding traffic.
  • On both Fourth and Fifth Avenues, convert alternating blocks to angle parking. Convert west side of the block to angle parking for one-block, and then convert the east side of the adjacent block to angle parking. Repeat this process the length of Fourth and Fifth Avenues through Bankers Hill.
  • Along Sixth Avenue, add diagonal parking along the east side of the Avenue, and narrow the Avenue one-lane in each direction. Add center left turn lane. In the long-term, add parking meters.
  • Along Sixth Avenue, add stop signs and install painted cross walks. Reduce the legal speed limit onSixth Avenueby five-miles per hour. Slow down the traffic in Bankers Hill.
  • Limit the number of Stop signs in Bankers Hill, and use roundabouts instead.
  • Add a Stop sign at the intersection of First Avenue and Ivy Street.
  • Add angle parking to one-side of First Avenue. Leave parallel parking on the other side. This will help calm traffic on First Avenue and will increase the parking supply.
  • Use “blinking” Stop signs to increase the visibility of Stop signs to speeding motorists.
  • Add parking meters to better manage available parking spaces.
  • Survey painted curbs to evaluate and update red, blue, yellow and white curbs.
  • Add motorcycle / scooter / moped parking.
  • Add variable price meters.
  • Add angle parking.
  • Remove one-traffic lane on Fourth Avenueto add angle parking.
  • Add Stop sign at First Avenue and Juniper Street, and another along First Avenue and a to be determined cross street two or three-blocks north of the Maple Canyon bridge.
  • Add countdown timers.
  • Add better lighting for pedestrian routes; preferably solar powered.
  • Add Stop signs and traffic signals on Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Avenues.
  • Add painted bulb outs.
  • Add a sidewalk on the west side of Fourth Avenuebetween Palm and Spruce Streets.
  • Add painted crosswalks on Sixth Avenuethat correspond with newly added curb cuts.
  • Upgrade crosswalks by adding painted “zebra stripe” pattern to increase visibility.
  • Add bicycle ovals to parking meters.
  • Add bicycle racks.
  • Add bicycle corrals.
  • Add bicycle lanes per the adopted Bicycle Plan for San Diego.
  • Make bus stops and bus shelters more inviting and user friendly.
  • Implement a tram or shuttle circulating system for Bankers Hill.
  • Support the San Diego Trolley / streetcar extension between Centre City and Hillcrest via Bankers Hill.