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Pride Clean-up Challenge

LGBT Pride comes to Bankers Hill July 18th – 20th. It will be a fun couple of days with colorful events and a parade not to be missed.

However, many of the folks attending will not remember to pick-up after themselves. But with their trash, comes a great opportunity for the members of the Bankers Hill Community Group to earn money for our organization with a neighborhood clean-up. You, too, can help raise funds for the group… plus get a Bankers Hill Community Group t-shirt for your effort!

This is the third year that SD LGBT Pride has agreed to award our group with $10 for every hour of volunteer hour (up to $1,000 total). Sign-up for two hours, and you will receive a blue Bankers Hill t-shirt just like the one shown. Help pitch in to clean our streets on Saturday, Sunday or Monday to help put the shine back on our neighborhood after Pride weekend.

Just report the hours you worked on the form below.

The community thanks you….and your neighbors will, too!

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