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Many Thanks to our Pride Clean-Up Team

During the week-end of Pride 2014 – volunteers emerged from their home to begin cleaning up the neighborhood . Over 40 people showed up and donned gloves grabbed trash bags and hit the streets of Bankers Hill.

The group toured the streets picking up trash, cigarette butts, party remnants and random rubbish along the way. Although picking up trash is not a typically considered a ‘fun’ task, the event was successful. Those who participated finished with a sense of shared pride in the accomplishment of making their community a better, cleaner place.

By the end of the event, the group logged a total of 101 person-hours, thus providing Bankers Hill Community Group with a generous donation of $1,000 from San Diego Pride. Next year’s cleanup will occur once again on the Monday following San Diego Pride.

Thank you all who participated.  This is our one and only way of raising funds to sustain our group.  Together we can make a difference in our neighborhood and have pride in our accomplishments.