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Our Orangetheory Fitness center is located in the Bankers Hill neighborhood of beautiful San Diego. We are situated right on Fifth Avenue and cater to the area’s active community. Our fast gym classes and sleek facilities provide an excellent space to work out for everyone from young students to established business executives.

The workout style at Orangetheory is backed by science. Each 60-minute workout is designed to keep you in the target heart-rate zone for boosting your metabolism and increasing your energy. During your sweat session, you’ll do interval training through three different blocks that feature workout machines and free weights. Your results are emailed to you right after class so that you have a record of how you did.

Orangetheory gym trainers lead each class with enthusiasm and provide positive reinforcement as you test your limits and set new fitness goals. The Orangetheory Fitness experience provides the dedication of a personal trainer with the benefits of a group class. Trainers are there to help guide the class and answer any questions you might have. If you have specific goals in mind, they’re ready to help you discuss those, too.

We welcome people of all fitness levels to try Orangetheory classes. The front desk staff works to get to know everyone who comes in the door, setting the tone for your best workout. It doesn’t matter if you hit the gym every day or haven’t been in a while; we’re here to make your experience awesome.

With month-to-month plans and no binding gym contracts, there’s something for everyone at Orangetheory Fitness. Come into our Bankers Hill location in San Diego, California, to try your first class free! To sign up, just call (619) 363-4040 or use our online portal. Ask about our specials, including the Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge.