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BHNPC Report – December 12, 2013

12 December 2013


Honorable Mayor Gloria,

I am writing to provide you with an update regarding the activities of the Bankers Hill Neighborhood Parking Committee (BHNPC) since my last report sent on 7 September 2013.

On Saturday, 14 December, a community meeting will be held in the Santa Fe Room of the Balboa Park Club in Balboa Park. The purpose of the meeting is to seek public input on possible Uptown streetcar alignments. The BHNPC has partially funded this effort.

The Bankers Hill wayfinding map (“Metrominuto” in previous reports) is complete and staff is working with the City of San Diego regarding sign placement locations.

There will be a presentation by Civic San Diego at the January 6, 2014 meeting of the BHNPC regarding the proposed circulator system from the downtown area through parts of Uptown including Bankers Hill.

Below, please see the report by Elizabeth Hannon our Chief Operating Officer which provides the status of the Bankers Hill portion of the Uptown Curb Survey.( Please, note that phase two of the survey is starting. We hope to gain more on street parking by expanding angle and straight in parking configurations):

“The Uptown Curb Survey analyzed opportunities for parking gains by looking at potential red curb reductions, street reconfigurations from parallel to angled parking, and redundant unused curb cuts.  To date the City has approved approximately 110 new parking space additions with over 30 in Bankers Hill.

  1. A.      Locations in Bankers Hill

The following locations have been approved by the City and have either already been implemented or are pending implementation.

Automobile parking additions:

  • Third, between Fir and Elm, west side – block conversion to angled parking yielding 5 spaces
    • Diagrams completed by the City, staff to circulate petition (pending)
    • Fourth and Fir, northwest corner – MTS red curb reduction by 40 feet, yielding 2 spaces (pending)
    • Fifth and Quince, southwest corner – red curb reduction by 30 feet, yielding 2 spaces (completed)
    • Fifth and Juniper, southwest corner – removal of red curb at end of block, yielding 1 space (pending)
    • Elm, between 2nd and 3rd south side – removal of red curb, yielding 1 space (completed)
    • Kalmia, between Front and 1st, north side – block conversion to angled parking yielding 5 spaces
      • Diagrams need to be completed by City, staff to circulate petition (pending)
    • Nutmeg, between 2nd and 3rd, north side – conversion to angled parking yielding 2 spaces
      • Diagrams need to be completed by City, staff to circulate petition (pending)

Motorcycle parking additions:

  • Third, between Maple and Nutmeg, east side – red curb between driveways yielding 5 spaces (completed)
  • Fourth and Palm, northwest corner – red curb reduction yielding 2 spaces, city to add 2 more (pending)”


If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me.



Doug Scott/Bankers Hill Neighborhood Parking Committee (