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City Council Policy Governing Parking Meter Districts

The Purpose

The intent of this Policy is to provide a mechanism whereby communities unable to meet existing parking demands may devise and implement parking management solutions to meet their specific needs and resolve undesirable parking impacts.

This Policy anticipates that such communities, at their initiative, and with the approval of the City Council, can be responsible
for establishing and managing a Community Parking District. This Policy specifies the procedures to be followed to establish a Community Parking District. This Policy also provides for, and specifies the procedures under which, certain parking management-related revenues earned by the City within the geographic boundaries of an existing or newly designated Community Parking District may be allocated to the Community Parking District to implement and manage improvements that address parking impacts. This Policy is not intended to reduce existing City revenue streams derived from various parking management-related fees, citations,
permits, etc. Any references in this Policy to allocating a portion of parking meter or other parking management-related fees to Community Parking Districts is intended to apply only to new or prospective revenues. This Policy will be implemented in a manner that precludes any reduction or diminishment of City revenues.

Full Policy

San Diego City Policy 100-18